Online guide for becoming an affiliate with SPXLMAG.

SPXLMAG is a sexy lifestyle brand on the rise.  In 2017 we launched a multiphase platform focused on delivering unique exclusive photos and videos to fans. in 2018 we created our e-commerce branch, selling physical merchandise as well as digital products and subscription based memberships.  We are now ready to expand again by drawing additional traffic and income, by bringing in partners ( affiliates ) to help spread the word and earn 35% commission on every successful membership or digital purchase referral. 

It’s flat out a simple and effective way to make regular passive, recurring income.  With a little effort, a SPXLMAG affiliate partner can accomplish just that.

I’ll tell you how…

Models have taken center stage on social media, and accounts dedicated to sharing photos of these models have grown massive followings.  Showing the followers more content can be a chore and showing them exclusive content can be impossible, because you would have to worry about coordinating shoots with models, editing photos and videos, website development and more.

It can get costly and time intensive right?

Instead, if you leverage the audience you already have to share our content, and get signups you would earn 35% of every new customer or subscriber for SPXLMAG every month!  Keep adding new customers and the amount you earn will keep growing

All from sharing our content with links for fans to make a purchase from your recommendation.

Simple ain’t it?

We have a focus on the customer and user experience .   The website design is minimal and focused on photos and videos.  


SPXLMAG is a part of SPXLNETWORK,LLC a brand focused on delivering sexy content in all aspects.  From interviews and podcasts, to access to bts Live Photo shoots, and more. We have a lot to offer our subscribers, and its OURS, all original content – your referrals can’t find our photos anywhere else.

Step 1

Use the link above to join the affiliate program.  Fill in your details. We will evaluate your affiliate request and get in touch with you ASAP.

Step 2

After our evaluation, we will send you a confirmation email with login credentials

Step 3

You will get a referral link and can start promoting. Login to our affiliate area to review stats.

Our affiliate program is pretty simple, but we do have a few rules to prevent abuse.

  1.  Every successful referral is eligible for 35% recurring monthly commissions.  Currently payouts will be made on the first day of the month following the referral.
  2. The affiliate commissions are approved 30 days after every sale, this is to accommodate refunds if initiated after the purchase.  ( NOTE : if a refund is initiated the referral commission gets cancelled along with the refund, we currently have a “no questions asked” refund policy )
  3. There is no minimum monthly payout, but the goal should be to earn as much as possible !
  4. No self-referrals, this is not allowed because the goal is for you to refer other people, not get a discount on your own account.
  5. Abuse, gaming, or shady behavior will result in an account ban, please be a good person !
  6. Terms may change at any time



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