Chelsea Conrad – Hills. The hills have eyes! And they are all trained on Chelsea . The location is perfect for photography. The setting fits Chelsea like a golve. She looks amazing with the bronzed skin and tiny tan lines. The inked up babe has been a great model for some time now. So of course we are lucky to have her now featured on SPXLMAG . Check out the executive 26 photo set and full nude video only on SPXLMAG.COM.

**There is no RAW or BTS video for this gallery**



Are you ready for a never ending dream with Chelsea? She’s dreamy and will captivate you. Chelsea is a kind old soul with eyes so big you’ll get lost in them. Her tan lines and tattoos will get your mouth watering. Chelsea has been on the cover and centerfold of Hustler magazine, but that’s not where she got her start. She was a professional burlesque pole dancer at a well known bar in Hollywood, CA. She’s performed for thousands over the years and has gotten to perform with such great talented women. Along with being hired for large productions such as an after party for YSL, music videos, and private events.

She’s dedicated her focus towards modeling since then to keep towards her goal of always committing her life towards the beauty of the human body and art. It’s been a passion since she was a child. Occasionally she craves to escape to nature and obsess over plants and rocks. If you examine her ink you’ll see just that. Nature. As if it were growing right from her. Get to know her on a more personal level via

Chelsea Conrad GALLERIES

Chelsea Conrad
Chelsea Conrad
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