Kayla Soulshine – Secret. Welcome the amazing Kayla Soulshine to SPXLMAG! This shoot was quite a while in the making, we spoke a couple of times about shooting but her schedule was packed! Finally she came to Chicago, and we had to shoot. The location is a perfect match for her tan skin tone, and dark hair. I was stunned by the body, and of course it shows in the video where you get a full nude view. SPXL + Members will enjoy the full 27 photo set and 8 minuet video + a BTS. Enjoy.


Jayla Soulshine – Model . Everyone meet Jayla Soulshine! As petite, bisexual girl from Kentucky with a sweet effervescence. She’s a huge animal lover and a lover of slow mornings, sipping her coffee. She’s an avid gym goer and finds it to be her greatest therapy, it also contributes to her nubile physique. Jayla spends much of her spare time hiking and or in nature. She loves adventure and would like for you to keep up with her on her fan page onlyfans.com/jaylasoulshine. For our exclusive content, of course catch her here on SPXLMAG.COM

Kayla Soulshine GALLERIES

Kayla Soulshine




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