Enez is a joy to work with, she’s quick with a laugh and has a warm heart.  This comes across almost instantly upon meeting her.  Her makeup and hair were perfect for the sexy girl next door vibe perfect for SPXLMAG.COM . The title Colombia comes from her native country, although she explained that many people tell her she looks middle eastern!  The contrast of her thick and curvy body in all black against the grey and white room was perfect.  Allowing her warm skin tones to take center stage.  Hopefully she will be back on the site with more heat soon.


Enez is quite the fan favorite! As soon as we released our feature, a flood of fans joined up to the site! The thick beauty from Colombia is a hair stylist and make up artist by day and a model by night. She’s got such a laid back and generous personality and was a complete pleasure to work with. We shot on a busy, cloudy day and used a flash to show off her beauty, but hopefully we get to see her again on a bright and sunny day. See her exclusives on SPXLMAG.COM





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