Josie Fox is energy personified!  We set up the shoot with little communication and plan, which is rare for me because I like to plan out the shoots down to the last detail, but we agreed to meet up at her place and go from there.  We’re deciding on looks and she says, “we could also go to the beach!”  Say no more, it’s not common that I get to shoot at beaches or outdoor locations.  Chicago is very crowded and there is almost no place in the city clear of watchful eyes – plus this is the time of Covid-19 and the beaches are closed in the city.  We went up to this private beach which was beautiful.  We shot some general stuff by the public, then Josie picked up that energy again and found us a little place off the rocks to shoot some topless photos and video which was fun and bold.  She’s a full time pro model so she was super easy to work with and had a great attitude.  Afterward we had a long conversation about the state of society, covid, our goals and directions.  She’s a lot more than meets the eye, and that’s saying quite a lot because she’s great to look at.



Josie Fox is The Sexy Vegan! This Puerto Rican spark plug keep the mood fun and frenetic before, during and after shoots. We really had a fun time! Josie is into fitness, modeling , coaching models, photography and more. Josie is very sweet, and professional, which has lead to her being published in playboy and several publications worldwide. And here she is on SPXLMAG.COM


Josie Fox
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