Kasandra Lochhead is sure to be a crowd PLEASER ! She’s got a total girl next door vibe and a smile that melts your heart ( you will see this in the video ). Kasandra has such a cool style and personality that shooting with her is fun and easy.  The setting was perfect, as the sun set the buildings cast both shadows and light beams across the room causing small reflections in glass and on the shiny surfaces.  We chose to shoot directly into the light instead of hide in the shadows, there are more than a few fantastic shots of her bathing in the blinding light. We hops you enjoy this set and plan to have her again for another exclusive only on spxlmag.com



Kasandra Lochhead will win you over, such a pleasing smile and sex appeal ! She feels like the sexy girl next door. In addition to modeling, she’s into modeling, singing, and writing. She loves expressing herself through all forms of art! To top it all off she can play saxophone … not sure if that’s code for something else, feel free to use your imagination. Enjoy her exclusive features only on spxlmag.com

Kasandra Lochhead GALLERIES

Kasandra Lochhead
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