Maddi Rose is a breath of fresh air, she leaves all the ego and attitude behind and comes in with the best of intentions.  This day began by walking down to meet her on the streets of Chicago and taking video of her as we entered the building.  It was light, fun and friendly.  When it was time to shoot, Maddi nailed her looks – she had a mesh bra and panties set , which is perfect for SPXLMAG.COM .  The room we shot in was bright with gold accents which really added a level of elegance to the set as well as texture variety.  Maddi looks right at home and it shows in the photos and the video for this set.  One little thing I love is her sex tattoo , find it in the members photos below.



Maddison Rose is a super cool and laid back model from Detroit with ice blue eyes. She works as a personal trainer by day so you know she keeps the body tight, plus she’s a big time sports fan. If you follow her feed, you’ll see all sorts of sports references and insights. She has a couple of really interesting tats as well, be sure to check out her features here on SPXLMAG.COM to see them.

Maddison Rose GALLERIES

Maddi Rose
Maddison Rose
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