Paige Elysee is a head turner.  There’s just something about her that is intoxicating.  Once we got warmed up, outcomes the black sheer robe and she starts having fun.  This was a quick but powerful shoot done in the studio, she was so perfect in front of the wall that it couldn’t stop there.  The mirror shots were outstanding as well.  The only regret is that we didn’t have enough time to shoot a video – oh well, hopefully next time we have her shoot for SPXLMAG.COM we’ll do that and more.


Paige Elysee is a thick mixed honey has such a vibe! Because of that, everything she does turns out great! When she first game in to shoot we played it pretty safe with a simple lingerie set, but as she warmed up we really got going. She’s smart and funny working as a software sales person by day and modeling in her spare time. Everybody loves Paige, and we hope you enjoy her feature here on

Paige Elysee GALLERIES

Paige Elysee




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